Our  Collars

SmartBuckle’s Proprietary Designs

Our collars and harnesses are designed around our patent pending SmartBuckle design. The SmartBuckle comes in three layers of protection, each building upon the last, giving you the ability to customize and control your SmartBuckle experience.

To create our Standard SmartBuckle, we integrate a stainless steel plate with a unique I.D. tag that is embedded within the buckle design itself – this means no dangling, no annoying noises, and no chance of your dog or cat playing with and potentially losing the tag. This design approach will allow anyone who comes across your wandering pet to easily reach our website, which will have your pets contact resources, health, and behavioral information readily available. As an owner, you simply need to register within our free database.

Our second layer of protection, which includes all features of the Standard SmartBuckle, is also built directly inside of our patent pending SmartBuckle, avoiding any unnecessary bulk. Your pets Plus SmartBuckle is connected directly to your mobile device, and utilizes the power of The Crowd to enhance your pets safety and assist in locating your missing pet. We use TrackR’s global Crowd Locate network of finders to help you located your furry friend. When your pet passes any of our global users in this established network, it relays the location to ‘TheSmartBuckle’ app.

Our Premium SmartBuckle includes all of the above features, as well as our Bluetooth module, which communicates with our miniature Wi-Fi beacon, which establishes a first line of defense, or a “Bluetooth Fence.” If your dog or cat gets out of your set perimeter, you will be alerted via our app instantly, wherever you are.

We are proud to have a product that aligns with the standard lifespan of a nylon collar (about one year) and requires no additional charging or battery replacements. All SmartBuckle products come with a 1-Year Warranty.

SmartBuckle’s Built-in Technology

Protective Design

Lightweight and breathable, our Airmesh collars are triple layered for optimum comfort and durability. 2mm reflective stitching in our strong and silky Vinyl collars provide extra safety when walking at night.

Built-in Pet I.D. Tag

Eliminates dangling or lost tags and includes a unique Pet ID number that links to a free pet profile page which is more reliable and faster than a microchip.

SmartBuckle Technology

Our patented, no-charging required, SmartBuckle enables powerful solutions to help protect your pet.


Keep your pet in shape and ensure an appropriate activity level with our built-in step and calorie counter.


Comparably priced to standard pet collars.

Our Materials


-Stronger and lighter than polyester

-Silkier and softer feel

-Color stays longer

-2mm reflective stitching for safer
walking at night

-D-ring is anodized chrome and hand welded for durability and tensile force


-Lightweight and breathable

-Double layered for optimum comfort

-3 layers of material for exceptional feel and durability

-D-ring is anodized chrome and hand welded for durability and tensile force

-Best selling collars in Europe and Australia