Finally, An Easy And Affordable Way To Protect Your Pets

Easy to use and powerful, our SmartBuckle and Track N Guard collars are 3x more protective than a regular collar:

Built-In ID Tag to eliminates dangling or lost tags. Keep endless emergency information updated with a free and easy to use online profile.

Integrated SmartBuckle Technology utilizes the power of The Crowd to enable mapping and help find lost pets without recharging or monthly fees.

Wireless safe zone and interactive step and calorie counting capabilities provide all around protection for our best friends.

SmartBuckle The Protective Pet Collar

Integrated ID tag With Online Pet Profile

No more Dangling ID tags. Your contact info and pet information always  up to date and easy to access

Community Locate

Enhance you pets protection and may assist finding your pets lost

Wireless Home Alarm

Peace of mind when you are away, you will receive a notification when your pets leave wireless safe zone

SmartBuckle’s Built-in Technology

Protective Design

Lightweight and breathable, our Airmesh collars are triple layered for optimum comfort and durability. 2mm reflective stitching in our strong and silky Vinyl collars provide extra safety when walking at night.

Built-in Pet I.D. Tag

Eliminates dangling or lost tags and includes a unique Pet ID number that links to a free pet profile page which is more reliable and faster than a microchip.

SmartBuckle Technology

Our patented, no-charging required, SmartBuckle enables powerful solutions to help protect your pet.


Keep your pet in shape and ensure an appropriate activity level with our built-in step and calorie counter.


Comparably priced to standard pet collars.

“TheSmartBuckle” app compatible

More Protection

Than a normal Collar

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“TheSmartBuckle” app compatible

2X More Protection

Than a normal Collar

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“TheSmartBuckle” app compatible

3X More Protection

Than a normal Collar

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Important Features

No Battery Replacement

No Frequent Charging

1 year Warrenty

The  Home Base

Receive Alerts when your pet leaves the wireless safe zone

Easy use free mobile app No Monthly service plans or fees

Wi Fi and Bluetooth Ready

Have peace of mind while you are away

Highly customizeable safe zone

Monitor multiple collars & harnesses through one Home Base

The App

Our new SmartBuckle collars use 3 levels of protection to keep your pets safe

Free in app store

Explore the App


1. Log into our secure app from any iPhone or Android and access our free pet profile and mapping technologies

2. Our crowd source technology helps users to locate lost pets

3. Manage and edit information for each of your pets with an easy to use interface

Why Do You Need This?

1 in 3 
pets will become lost in their lifetime

Less than 2% of lost cats and only 15 to 20% of lost dogs make it back home to their families

80 % of pet parents belive pet ID tags are crucially important
Only 33 % of pet parents report that their pet always wears one (per the ASPCA)

I have a Microchip, Why Do I Need This?

-You have to hope someone will take your pet to a vet to get the chip read and if someone finds your pet after hours or on the weekend, the vet is closed.
-You have to make sure you paid the annual fee or you could be deleted from the database.

Why Is This Better Than A Regular Collar?

-Regular tags fade and the numbers wear, so you cannot read them. -People move or change their phone numbers and many forget to update their tags.
-You can have more than just one number, so if the first person doesn’t answer, they can call the backup number.
You can add even more numbers in the details, like a rescue number or vet.

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SmartBuckle The Protective Pet Collar

 Protective Design

 Built-in pet ID Tag

 SmartBuckle Technology


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