The App

Stay Connected

With the purchase of any SmartBuckle products, you get access to our free mobile app, “TheSmartBuckle”, available on the App Store and Google Play.

“TheSmartBuckle” mobile app

TheSmartBuckle app allows you to track your pets location through the power of The Crowd. The Crowd is a well-established network to create a web of location-finding hotspots by TrackR. Anytime a SmartBuckle device passes any TrackR or other SmartBuckle device, its location is relayed back to the app and can be viewed there.

By choosing SmartBuckle, you are helping grow The Crowd, making it larger, stronger, and able to detect devices quicker and easier. The app allows you to track your pet and also offers your pets last noted location and the time the location was recorded. A fun added benefit of the app is calorie counting – if your furry friend needs their food intake monitored, calorie counting capabilities are found in the TheSmartBuckle app. Manage everything in one easy app!

Wireless Safe-Zone

When you purchase any Premium SmartBuckle product, you receive a Home Base Beacon so you can set up your Wireless Safe Zone. To get started, just plug the Home Base in and connect to your Wi-Fi to set up a Bluetooth “fence.” You will then be notified via your mobile device anytime your pet leaves this zone. Be in the know immediately when your pet leaves your property!

Free Online Pet Profile

Additionally, with any purchase of any SmartBuckle product, you get a free online Pet Profile, which can also be managed through the app. A unique PetID is engraved into every SmartBuckle product, and this free profile can then be found on Here, pet owners can put any important information that can assist in the return of your pet. If your pet is found, the rescuer can enter the unique PetID and view information such as contact numbers, veterinarian details, microchip numbers, a photo of your pet, and any behavioral or health information that may be important.

Our PetID is not only extremely helpful in getting your four-legged loved one home, it’s incredibly convenient as well. Because it is stainless steel and strategically placed, it will never be separated from the collar, the information won’t wear and become hard to read, and it won’t dangle and get caught, create noise, or risk falling off. Additionally, this eliminates anyone seeing your personal information unless there’s an emergency.