Home Base

“TheSmartBuckle” Solution

The SmartBuckle Home Base is our solution to providing you peace of mind while you’re away from your pets.

We lead busy lives – work, school, errands, kids, things that need to get done without the assistance of our furry friends. Leaving your pet at home can be hard, especially if your pet is an escape artist. Their natural instincts drive them to want to sneak out that cracked door or wander out that open window, to explore the big world outside of your home. Unfortunately, all of the head scratches, ball throwing, and cuddling in the world won’t change that fact, so that’s where SmartBuckle comes in.

Solving this problem became our mission. Through our built-in technology, we hope to allow you to leave your pet alone with the knowledge that they’re safe at home, snoozing, sniffing or scratching away happily. We’ve designed a sleek and powerful Home Base Beacon to create a Wireless Safe-Zone Fence around your home, that alerts owners when their pet leaves this zone while wearing Premium SmartBuckle products. All of this is managed directly and effortlessly in our free “TheSmartBuckle” app.

Our No Charging Collars

Our no-charging collars pair perfectly with this wireless safe zone, because you never have to worry about a dead battery allowing your pet to sneak away. Our top of the line technology also removes the stress of setting up and paying for high cellular bills associated with cellular trackers. With our Beacon, you can rest easy knowing that you will be notified immediately if your pet escapes. Additionally, you can monitor your pets activity while you’re away and see where your pet likes to spend its free time.

Our SmartBuckle collar and Home Base will ensure you have peace of mind no matter where you are.